I had dinner tonight with my book at a cafe/diner around the corner from my hotel. As I sat there reading I heard the wait staff rambling on in some slavic language that sounded like Russian. It made me feel uneducated as the only other language I know is German and that is fleeting daily. I remember my German cousins who speak german, spanish, french, and english just so matter of factly. They are raised to speak multiple languages because it's a necessity to interact and do business in such a multilingual continent.

I'm here in London and don't know what to do with myself. I have on hand emergency contact numbers for various international law enforcement, the name of a prior client I met once who lives in London, the fact that my plane mate is here for 2 weeks also, and a short list of club events I should try out over the weekend.

How do Londoners go out at night if the Underground or "tube" stops running at midnight?! Well they have a web site to answer that. When the tube closes down, try one of the night busses instead. Speaking of the tube, did you know they have a list of the top 5 customer injuries? Number 1 is escalator induced. And I thought it was that gap they keep telling you to mind.

Also, thanks to a certain Chicago/MKE resident who may never read this, I got my Vonage phone working so I can now place calls to the US as if I'm dialing from 415. The PAP2 was a great investment and macshift was just the thing to spoof the hotel into thinking both my laptop and my PAP2 have the same NIC. Booya!