Levantune is a great lebanese restaurant that's right off the Paddington Station tube stop. It's been open for two years now and has a great selection of food. The decor is elegant with low mood lighting. They have floating candles near the bathrooms in the basement, a belly dancer every night, and you can even order a hookah after your meal.

Levant on Wikipedia:

The term Levant is first attested in English in 1497, originally used in the wider sense of "Mediterranean lands east of Italy." It derives from the Middle French levant, the participle of lever "to raise" — as in soleil levant "rising sun" — from the Latin levare. It thus referred to the direction of the rising sun from the perspective of those who first used it. As such, it is broadly equivalent to the Arabic term Mashriq, "the land where the sun rises."

I don't know if they have Almaza but I know a certain Boston resident who would enjoy this place immensely.