I arrived in London today after a longish flight and felt as though no time had passed at all. The entire flight (direct from SFO to LHR) was an experience in luxury. Upon arriving at the airport they kept me from having to corral around the gate by offering The Clubhouse. Here is a recount of my experience in list form…


  • 1 of 10 first class suites on the upper deck
  • Reclining seat + foot rest = bed (even has a seatbelt for your legs)
  • Food, drinks and "treatments"
  • Reading light
  • Personal TV (for watching movies, TV, and listening to music)
  • Power for laptops
  • Personal suite (although it does make it harder to chat with friends if you are traveling with others)
  • Complimentary pajamas
  • Complimentary amenities bag from Ozwald Boateng (toothbrush, tooth paste, lip balm, sleep mask, socks, and even cuff links)


  • No in-flight Internet access (hey, I wanted to blog from 30,000 feet. It's like the mile-high club for geeks.)

I'm advised that you should request the laptop "leads" (power connectors) early because they run out, especially for the Apple/Mac laptops. Unfortunately, they did not have one for my Dell Inspiron 6000 so check the list online [PDF] before you fly.

You may have noticed I referred to "treatments" above. Yes, I was woken up this morning to a shoulder/head massage that was all part of the package.

Another thing you can do is to download a Virgin podcast of the city you are visiting before you take off. That way you can listen and learn about the places that every other tourist will want to visit — now you know what to avoid.

Last night I watched Hustle & Flow and this morning before breakfast I watched Crash.  Although Crash was a nice movie, I don't know why it won Best Picture.  Hustle & Flow was definitely a renter and OK but nothing inspirational for me.

I walked off the plane the same no-line way I got on and it felt great.  It wasn't until later in the day that I felt really jet-lagged.