I never got anxious about traveling before. I've traveled all around the US and Internationally (Europe, Africa, Middle East) and never really flinched about the trip the night before or even on the plane. But for some reason I've been feeling really anxious about today's trip to London.

I packed up the night before and prepared for every possible situation (that I could pack for). The weather in London should be in the 50s with continuous rain this week. I've packed all the necessary clothes, geek items (iPod, SmartPhone, Vonage phone), and healthy "snack master" items (beef jerky, chips, and water). I brought a book, several magazines, and made all the necessary arrangements for leaving home.

Usually at this point I'm bored and waiting to squeeze in a few last minute items before nonchalantly moseying down to the airport and boarding the plane, upon which I will immediately fall asleep. But this time I’m excited and anxious all at once. It will be my first time flying Virgin Atlantic, which I’ve always wanted to fly ever since I heard they give complimentary in flight backrubs. (I learned later these are only for first class passengers while in Heathrow and are not complimentary.)

Although I have given my work presentation a million times, it’s still going to be new because I’ve never given it before an international audience. Their ways of doing things may be different and I’m not sure if I’m ready for all their questions. Actually, I know I’m ready because I know the material better than they do and I’ll be the instructor so I should have nothing to worry about. Also, this travel fits nicely into my Master Plan for writing a book about these events, which makes me rather happy.

These travels remind me of Cory Doctorow and all his trips around the world giving presentations at different international conferences. I was envious of him when I read his travel schedule and heard him talk about it on his podcasts. But now that it’s me doing the traveling, I understand that all that travel really wears into you. I’m only beginning the travel but I know after four weeks of it, I will be ready to just stay home and rest.

Well, I have a few more things to do for work so I can mail them out to the people in London. Then I’ll go to the Radio Shack and pick up a few power converters and I’ll be off. Take care and don’t forget to write.