Or more correctly, I'm flying Virgin Atlantic from SFO to LHR in First Class.  Wow!  I arrived at the airport a little early only to find out that because of the European time change of being one hour ahead, my flight will not depart one hour early.  Good thing I was not running late.

Due to my first class membership I am entitled to visit The Clubhouse which is a plush lounge that makes the W Hotel look cracker jack.  I ordered a pinapple martini and a cheese/fruit plate that came with rabberry-chocolate on the side.  I feel a little like I want to stuff my pockets with all of the free stuff around me, but instead I'll just bask for another hour or so until my flight takes off.

In addition to the longue experience the plane ticket includes a limo to pick you up from home and drop you off to your destination (and vice versa on the return trip.) I didn't know this and ended up taking the BART to SFO, but when I arrived at the Clubhouse they made all arrangements for me. All this VIP treatment has really put me at ease for this trip… or maybe it's just the martini.

Least I forget, my seat on the plane will be in the Upper Deck section meaning the seat reclines fully into a makeshift bed (probably not quite long enough for someone as tall as me.) It's like a small office environment up there.