I recently saw a few movies and wanted to give your suggestions either positive (+), negative (-), or indifferent ().

The Squid and the Whale – (+) – I really enjoyed this film.  It's about two parents who get divorced because the father is unwilling to accept his diminishing importance in the literary world.  His oldest son worships and emulates him while his younger son sides with his mom.  This splits the family until the older son realized the folly of his ways and … well the ending is why you should see it.

You and Me and Everyone We Know – () – Do not watch this movie while high. I did not, but it's surreal enough to give any stoner the willies, just like had they watched Waking Life or Requiem for a Dream.  Interesting characters who live lives that everyone can relate to in one form or another much like Napoleon Dynamite.

I recommend you watch them back-to-back and then turn off the TV, turn off the lights, tuck yourself into bed and stare at the ceiling until you fall asleep and dream about your endless potential.