I’m just about to get dressed and head off to a meeting to sign on another client. It’s one of those engagements where you rush-rush-wait-wait and then add in legal agreements to really delay the process. But it’s finally done and I’m feeling the sigh of relief from the work front.

I have this weekend at home and then I fly off to London for two weeks. I have a lot of travel coming up in the next two months and I’m happy for it as it will pay many of the bills. I’m also glad because the work required a very tiresome contract negotiation that finally was signed in the 11th hour. This is what it’s like working for yourself — not more stress, but different stress.

I called my family on Wednesday and my brother and sister consoled me. They reminded me that this is early on in building a business and there will be some rough times. It’s good to know that things will get better.

I’m also contemplating writing a book. It’s a long way off and still only in the idea stage but something that very much interests me. (Yet another thing to add onto the To Do list.)