Today’s commute was slowed today as a result of a bomb scare at the 12th St. BART station:

A BART Spokesman says someone claimed there was a bomb on board a train at the 12th Street Station, shortly after 8 AM. That train was stopped at West Oakland Station.

BART spokesman Linton Johnson says the train and the station was evacuated. No device was found.

Service between Oakland and San Francisco was suspended. Bus bridges were in the process of being set up when the all-clear was given, about one hour after the scare was first reported.

I’m sure there will be more news on this soon. I hope everyone made it to work ok today.

Update: I was driving out of the city on the Bay Bridge to Oakland and the traffic was backed up like I’d never seen it. This is what happens when you shut down public transit from the East Bay going into San Francisco.