Well, the weekend is over and I’m back home in SF. Skiing at Sierra was great and I was able to catch up with a long time friend of mine that went with me. We went up and down different sides of the mountain and took several breaks to eat and relax in the sun. They had these great lawn chairs where people could relax and warm themselves and catch some rays. It was so warm that I had to open the vents in my coat to keep from sweating all the time, which I did anyway. Drinking plenty of water and eating some beef jerky helped keep me hydrated and energized. Next time I want one of those small camelbak so I’ll have faster access to water (although my friend said the gatorade froze a little in hers.)

I went skiing on Saturday and on Sunday my legs (calves and thighs) were killing me. Seeing as (a) I’m out of shape and (b) I haven’t skied in over a year, my body was not ready for the impact. By the end of the day I had to stop each quarter of the way down the mountain to rest my legs.

I worked out this morning and tried to work on my arms and let my legs rest. I really enjoy working out in the morning but I don’t like having to get up for it. Then again, I had exercised and showered by 7:30 AM; that’s not bad.  It’s raining now and yet I really wish it was as great weather as it was this past weekend because I want to go outside.

I have to though because my cell phone froze up and I have to find a Cingular store to get it serviced.