eBay is the international garage sale and one of the poster children for e-commerce.  It enables small companies from around the world to compete based on consumer feedback and price meaning that I can purchase a Sanrio watch from Hong Kong, pay $5 and then $10 for shipping and still have it cheaper than purchasing it in the US.  But is everything that benine?
The AP wrote an article in 1999 about eBay selling bizarre and sometimes illegal items.  The web site ebay-tips-n-tricks talks about how sometimes illegal software and concert tickets are sold online.  Most recently several Canadian military clothing and training equipment showed up on eBay.  But this is nothing new.  For people that do not have the clearance or authority to purchase items direct from authorized government channels where do they go? eBay!  It’s the ultimate hodge-podge collection of hard to find and get items on the planet.

So what is eBay to you? Bazaar, bizarre, or black market?