One of the things I want to maintain is balance. This equates to making sure I post more things about myself than I do about any other category in this blog.

This week has been another where I’m learning the frustration ropes with running a new business. I’ve been talking with a client all week and it has been a case of “delay, delay, delay, rush, rush, rush”. It makes it really hard to plan work when everything is either rush or delay. This project is one that has been in the wind for a while now making me feel that I should have a larger pipeline of projects. The only problem with that is that once you schedule more it makes it harder to schedule new work. Everyone wants to work with someone who is fast, cheap, and good. The problem is that you can usually only get two of those three. It’s either:

  • Fast + Cheap != Good (unskilled labor)
  • Fast + Good != Cheap (skilled labor)
  • Cheap + Good != Fast (usually pro-bono work)

In my earlier post on dependable vs. skilled you will read that people (and I) value prompt replies and meeting scheduled deadlines or commitments to be one of the top qualities in any company or individual. I used to work for a startup company that had a 4 hour policy on returning all calls. Their sales staff would return any inbound call within 4 hours or else it went out as an emergency broadcast to all sales staff. They needed the sales and thus were prompt on returning calls. I think it’s equally important to return voice mail and email messages as well.