I’m in a good mood today as I work from Sacramento. I drove up today with my girlfriend on her once a month pilgrimage to the Sac office so she can whip the accounting there into shape. They put me up for the day so I can work from the office instead of just the local Starbucks. I’m working from an actual office (with door) not just a cube!

After fretting yesterday about work, I finally heard from a client today that they are ready to “pull the trigger” and engage me for a contract that would start as soon as next week. This is exciting for me because it’s the first client that will sign my consulting agreement and could turn into a more strategic (long term) deal if everything goes well.

The down side is that I’ll be traveling for the next 3 weeks. Hopefully, this will come through and give me the leverage I need to shrug off more annoying contract work with people I don’t want to work for.

Another method I’m trying for getting work (and cutting out the middle person) is to talk with placement/staffing companies (who want to low-ball me on my rate) and identify their client. From there, I’m trying to reach out to the company directly and have a win-win for the client and me. The problem is getting your resume in the hands of the proper decision makers before the placement/staffing agency finds a cheaper and less skilled person.

A side effect of this method is that it’s getting me to reach out to larger companies and try to get on their approved vendor list. The problem here is the old “chicken-and-the-egg” paradox. In order to get on the list you need to have a contract, but in order to get a contract you need to be on the list.

… oh, and I’ll be skiing this weekend!