Slashdot writes:

Philip Zimmermann, creator of PGP wrote in to tell me about Zfone, his new system for encrypting any SIP VoIP voice stream. His first release is Mac & Linux only. I tested it with him using Gizmo as our client and it was pretty trivial to use. While it should work on most any SIP compatible VoIP client, he hopes that clients like OpenWengo and Gizmo will incorporate Zfone directly into the UI. Zfone has no centralization, and has been submitted to the IETF. He hasn’t yet determined a license, but he believes strongly in releasing source code for all encryption products. A windows client is forthcoming.

I think everyone is happy to know that just like with their email, they can not encrypt their voice over IP (VoIP) sessions.  But don’t hail this as a master solution for everything because there are still issues to address:

  1. This is only for VoIP, not all telephone communications.
  2. We still have the same problem here as with any other public key infrastructure (PKI) involving issues of key distribution and trust models.