c|net has news that:

Law enforcement officials in New Jersey have arrested 14 people in connection with a crime spree that has forced banks across the nation to replace hundreds of thousands of debit cards.

“This is the worst hack to date,” Litan said. “All the other hacks were trying to get to this hack. All the previous hacks were leading up to finding a way into your bank account. For the criminal, this is the pot of gold.”

An informant tipped off the Hudson County Sheriff’s Department to the 14 who were arrested, DeFazio said, adding that the group has ties to criminal gangs residing overseas. Victims in the United States have reported discovering unauthorized charges or withdrawals in such places as Great Britain, Pakistan, Romania and Spain.

Although this sounds like a hero story it’s far from stopping the fraud. Although arresting people for committing crime is good, it only addresses the symptoms and not the problem. The key to preventing this kind of crime in the future is to increase security thus making it harder for attackers to compromise. If banks stored their money in a box on the sidewalk that was easy to pick then people will try to compromise it. That’s why banks add security and now we need to add that security to electronic data as well.