It seems that Damon has a stronger will than I do when it comes to resisting Girl Scout Cookies.

A week ago the Girl Scouts hit the streets of San Francisco like a swarm of locust mini-Starbucks (on every street corner) and unloaded thousands of boxes of cookies on addicts.  I asked one of the girls how much they cost per box.  “$3.50” was the answer.  No, I meant by the BOX and pointed to one of the larger cardboard boxes that housed 12 boxes of cookies.  The soccer mom stepped in and immediately took over the big spender transaction.  She offered me her cell phone number and said they delivered for free anywhere in the city.  Wow!

I only purchased 6 boxes (the small kind) and gave away 3 to friends.  While I carried the newly purchased cookies through the streets of the Financial District I was acousted by people wanting to buy them.  Hah.  Well, just goes to show that they really are that good.

Did you know that the Girl Scouts only get about $0.53 per box?  This is a really low margin considering each box costs the consumer $3.50.