LifeHacker says, “O’Reilly’s Marc Hedlund presented a fanatastic talk at ETech this week entitled “Entrepreneuring for Geeks” with some great advice regarding ideas, products, money, people and starting out. Happily he’s summarized his talk’s main points at the O’Reilly Radar.”  Here are some highlights:

  • Starting – Building to flip is building to flop
  • Ideas
    • Momentum builds on itself
    • Pay attention to the idea that won’t leave you alone
    • Build what you know
    • Give people what they need, not what they say they need
    • Your ideas will get better the more you know about business
  • People
    • Three is fine; two, divine
    • Work only with people you like and believe in
  • Product
    • Cool ideas are useless without great needs
  • Money
    • Start with nothing, and have nothing for as long as possible
    • For investors, the product is nothing – One slide should be about the product, while the rest cover the market, competitors, financials, funding history, and the relevant experience of the team.

Entrepreneurial Proverbs [O’Reilly Radar]