Damon is in town this weekend and him, a friend-couple of mine, Chipmonkey, and I are going out to Betelnut for dinner and then Mezzanine for some clubbing. I was laughing so hard when I read one particular CitySearch review of this place. I hope it’s really not this bad.

The only negative to Mezzanine is that it draws several “professional clubber” types – you know who I’m talking about. The type that acts like they are better than you and have a right to prime dance floor real estate because they have been to all the world’s “best clubs and have seen the best DJs.” They are so into the “subversive club scene” that they are the mainstream. I heard some dude say something like “Whoa, this club is so alive, I am flashing back to when DJ Vladimir dropped the beats at Le Loco in Paris in the July of ’99. That changed my life.” Barf.

Update: So much fun! It was a great experience after all. We had a yummy dinner and danced late into the night.

Update: Damon has blogged about this event and has photos to proove it!