Jacob of LineNoise writes:

In 1999, Scott McNealy rather famously called privacy issues in the now-mostly-defunct Jini a “red herring” saying “You have zero privacy anyway, get over it.” McNealy, it seems, has zero privacy, now that Sun Microsystem’s SOX auditor, Ernst and Young has lost a laptop containing personal information, including Mr. McNealy’s social security number.

The Register leads the story here.

Ernst and Young has lost a laptop containing data such as the social security numbers of its customers. One of the people affected by the data loss appears to be Sun Microsystems CEO Scott McNealy, who was notified that his social security number and personal information have been compromised. While pushing all out transparency for its customers, Ernst and Young failed to cop to the security breach until contacted by us.

Today we learned that a Deloitte and Touche CD containing information on McAfee employees was left in an airline seat pocket, exposing the social security numbers of close to 9,000 workers.

Update: Tim says, “The Privacy Rights Clearinghouse tracks data breaches: A Chronology of Data Breaches Since the ChoicePoint Incident. If you look at the reasons, stolen computers seem to be a recurring theme.”