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This is a really funny leak, that reads more like a complicated GeoCaching clue . . .

There was a great article where Brian Krebs interviewed the hacker 0x80, who claims to be quite a bot-herder.

The photo that ran with the article (since removed), and some bright Slash-Dotters listed the metadata for the photo that says it was taken in Roland Oklahoma . . . a town of less than 3,000 people.

Another slash-dotter takes the data from the article that there was a gas station, a strip club, and a used car lot near the kid’s home, and uses Google Maps to identify the likely places of business in Roland Oklahoma.

The photo is shown here.

So, we need a 21 year old Marlboro smoker in a town of 3,000 that claims to drop $800 a night in the VIP room of the strip club. I’m thinking there are cops at the Cheyenne Gentlemen’s Club interviewing strippers there as we speak.