In hopes of giving [Sir] Henry a playmate to discharge his energy with, we fostered another kitten (1yo) named Pablo/Picasso/Piano or whatever “P-o” name I decide to give him next. This cat was in foster care already when the family said, “enough. he just has too much energy!” Thinking they would be a great match we paired them together. The first two days Henry acted pissed and stalked the new cat. Now they have begin adapting to each other with the single excpetion of this. The new kitten is far and away more energetic than Henry ever was!

During the day when Henry sleeps on the bed (in preparation for his midnight rampage), Pablo acts like an ADD child on speed! He continously tries any possible way to get me to play with him and when I do allow him on my lap he can’t sit still. He moves and shifts and turns around in circles in my lap, never settling down.

Spaz kitty

This photo is one of the few non-blury ones because he would never stop moving long enough for me to snap a photo. For some odd reason he is now sitting perfectly still in my lap with his paws on the front of the laptop watching me type. Hmm… is he the kitten version of me? You decide.