The National Consumers League has released their 2005 Fraud Trends: Consumers Being Hounded by Internet and Telemarketing Scams.

Check out Tim Richardson’s blog on “Fraud, Phishing and Financial Misdeeds” for the complete breakdown.   He also says:

“In the fall of 2003, online giant eBay removed the link from its Web site to As a result, the number of auction complaints reported to NCL’s fraud center dropped to 1/6 its previous level. Based on statistics prior to eBay’s action, NCL estimates that there would have been 30,720 auction complaints in 2005, representing 71 percent of complaints.”

The National Consumer’s League and it’s sister site National Fraud Information Center provide a lot of great information on how to avoid being a fraud victim. There are also other relevant (social awareness) resources on the National Consumer League’s site. I highly recommend both of them.